We do two things really well here at Rustici Software: build eLearning software and provide awesome support to our customers. So, when one of those customers wants to share the success they’ve had using one of our products, we absolutely take them up on it.

Every use case is unique. Every customer presents their own set of challenges and objectives, and regardless of what those are, our goal is always the same—support and delight them throughout every step of the process. Healthcare Business Insights, or HBI, is no different.

Since 2015, we’ve enjoyed helping HBI find ways to effectively deliver content to their customers’ LMSs through SCORM Cloud Dispatch, and track the success and performance of their clients’ training initiatives with the reporting and APIs available in SCORM Cloud. In the fragmented and fast-paced world of healthcare data and analytics, it’s important for HBI to remove any administrative burdens and eliminate barriers to accessing content for their customers. And with SCORM Cloud, they’ve been able to do just that.

While we’ve provided a critical and reliable piece of software and support along the way, the most impressive aspect is HBI’s adoption of, and success with, SCORM Cloud over the years.

In this case study, you’ll find a rather outstanding list of results that largely speaks for itself. And while these results point to the success of HBI’s efforts, they also point to the success of our partnership. Without cooperation and mutual understanding, these kinds of relationships would not be possible. Working with clients such as HBI allows us to do what we do best by supporting them. In turn, they can do the same and provide their customers with the tools they need to succeed. It’s a chain reaction that starts with something seemingly small.

My favorite part of any case study is the customer quotes. And while I won’t spoil what our friends at HBI have to say (and because I want you to read it), I’ll sum things up nicely by focusing on two things: our software and our support. It seems simple, right? We build eLearning software and we support anyone who may need help along the way.

At Rustici Software, we take great pride in our work. That’s why we’re grateful for HBI and our other customers that allow us to step into their worlds and help them solve problems. It’s what we’re here for and pretty much our mission in life.

Cameron Gray is a builder. At work, he builds relationships with clients, including many of Rustici Software's government clients, as a Client Success Manager. At home, he builds furniture which has been anything from a coffee table to a record console.