Healthcare Business Insights (HBI) part of the Decision Resources Group (DRG) works with more than 2,000 hospitals and health systems to provide learning solutions that improve employee engagement and business performance. With their focus on revenue cycle management in U.S. hospitals and market access, globally, HBI provides best practice research, learning and consulting services.

HBI’s global learning team—consisting of instructional designers, subject matter experts, copy editors, quality assurance, curriculum development, media, technology, graphic design, and business analysts—utilize SCORM Cloud Dispatch to manage eLearning courses deployed to their U.S hospital clients as well as biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies across the globe.

The challenge

HBI needed a way to reliably deliver courses to their clients and quickly deploy new content versions to keep up with industry changes. The original model, which required customers to use the HBI LMS to access the content, was a roadblock. The healthcare sector not only changes incredibly fast, but many hospitals are inundated with upwards of 5+ learning management systems in a single client’s ecosystem. So, HBI had to find another delivery mechanism to get content into their client’s existing systems to help expand their business, but still provide them with a way to easily update and maintain their content.

In order to provide an engaging and empowering learning experience, the technology needs to be enabling rather than distracting. Our clients are not interested in knowing how SCORM or xAPI work but, rather, knowing that learning leads to actionable results. This happens when a great learning experience is coupled with robust data output. SCORM Cloud’s Dispatch service allows us to deliver seamless, market responsive learning that we can track and analyze in order to provide the content our clients need to improve performance.

Justin Davis, Senior VP of the Global Learning Team

The solution

HBI sought Rustici Software’s help to better understand how they could best leverage eLearning technology to meet their business goals. By partnering with Rustici Software, HBI was able to adapt their business model to deliver more market dynamic learning solutions directly to customers.

With SCORM Cloud Dispatch, HBI selects a set of courses to put into a learner’s curriculum and then creates a Dispatch package to be imported in the clients’ LMS. When that LMS launches the dispatched shell package, SCORM Cloud loads the course to play and track on the SCORM Cloud servers. This alleviates the technology burden on HBI’s clients because learners are able to access the courses from their own LMS (no additional logins required) and HBI handles all of the content updates without any additional work for their clients.

SCORM Cloud allows us to deliver updated content with no additional effort from our clients. SCORM Cloud also helps make sure dispatched files are working across our clients' LMSs. We really appreciate Joe and Ryan, from the Rustici support team, and their willingness to jump on the phone to help resolve any technical issues so our LMS Administrators and Trainers can focus on their learners and training programs, instead of troubleshooting.

Marie Smith, Educational Technologist

The benefits

Flexibility on how learners access content

Now HBI provides the option for courses to be accessed through HBI’s LMS or made available in a client’s third-party learning platform.

Always up-to-date content, no administrative burden

In a couple of clicks, the HBI global learning team can deploy new content or version updates across all LMSs. This takes the burden off their clients and allows for real-time updates based on what’s happening in the marketplace.

Aggregated reporting

By using SCORM Cloud’s API, HBI pulls learning data into custom client dashboards to benchmark organizations against national average scores. These aggregated reports are used to review usage patterns, identify where learners are struggling, and help identify opportunities for growth. For example, through a data driven analysis their business analyst teams identify competency gaps that lead to medical claim denials, and provide recommended curriculum to help improve staff performance, ultimately, mitigating errors and risk in revenue capture.

Secure revenue subscription streams

HBI now has visibility into how their courses are used in every LMS that receives a Dispatch file. This protects the distribution of HBI’s intellectual property, as they are able to track usage and disable access to content if a contract is not renewed.

The results

Since implementing SCORM Cloud Dispatch in 2015, HBI has seen:

  • 40% of customer base uses SCORM Cloud content delivery mechanism
  • More than 250K course completions that are aggregated and benchmarked to accurately build a sample of national averages
  • 18K unique learners who have taken nearly 180K hours of instruction
  • 775% increase in the average course registrations per month
  • Saved clients an average of 100 hours per year on simple course uploads and time spent on content management
  • 2X growth in HBI’s learning business since the implementation of the SCORM Cloud Dispatch solution 3 years ago

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