I’ve been to my fair share of software conferences—many focused on eLearning—but this was my first time at DevLearn. And while every company exhibiting hopes to draw interest to their products, Rustici Software differentiated ourselves by bringing our “ask us anything, really” philosophy to our booth.

That’s because we want conference attendees to leave our booth with more knowledge around eLearning standards than they had coming to DevLearn. It’s not just a conference mentality, either; it’s something we do on a daily basis. And it’s even more effective in person.

Meet our resident celebrity, “Joe”

Joe DonnellyJust Ask Joe DevLearn Stickers is part of the “Donnelly Brothers” support team at Rustici. Though initially feeling a little uneasy to spend his day working the booth at DevLearn, he quickly fell head-over-heels for his newfound fame.

Once Joe realized that attending DevLearn meant he would be doing his favorite things—discussing and answering questions on eLearning standards and helping customers resolve support inquiries—he was hooked. In fact, Joe became somewhat of a Rustici celebrity at DevLearn. Literally dozens of people came up to introduce themselves to “Joe” just to say thank you or discuss eLearning with him in particular.

“I’ve always said that if I can talk about SCORM every day for the rest of my tenure here at Rustici Software, I would die happy.” — Joe Donnelly

At one point, I grabbed Joe away from all of his fans and paparazzi camera flashes to take him to talk with one of our customers who was in the midst of a support inquiry. Joe confirmed the issue that they were having, and he then proceeded to tell them how we were going to resolve it. It’s one thing to hear or read “thank you!!!” but to see the relief on someone’s face as you give them a solution in person…let’s just say Rustici has our very own in house celebrity!

Toot our own SCORM horn

Besides the raving fans coming to meet Joe, we also had a lot of attention on SCORM Cloud—our product that thousands of companies use to test, play and distribute eLearning content. There are more than 34,000 people using our free trial version alone.

Through conversations with conference attendees, we learned that not only do people use SCORM Cloud for testing, they use it as their source of truth before sending content to any LMS. Conversations like these opened my eyes to the new ways people use our products for learning and reporting—even if it’s simply using SCORM Clouds free trial.

Ask us anything, really

Our “ask us anything” motto isn’t limited to events like DevLearn. We talk to hundreds of people every month, and love answering your questions. So feel free to reach out and ask a question about our products, eLearning standards or our company.

It was only a matter of time before Kyle found his way to working with us as a Client Success Manager. After all, he’s connected to about half our employees through friendships or past jobs. Maybe it’s because he’s so friendly: his wife says he could befriend a lamp post.