Being a new account manager at Rustici Software, you can sometimes find yourself drinking from the proverbial firehose. And, I’m sure that our customers can feel the same way when trying to make eLearning content and LMS systems play together nicely.

We helped turn down that water pressure for one of our customers, CustomGuide—an interactive training and assessment company; helping them achieve their goal of integrating their eLearning content with outside LMS systems.

Their need: Deliver content to an external LMS

CustomGuide delivers simulation-based training to help learners with Word, Powerpoint, Outlook and much more. Their typical learners came straight to the CustomGuide LMS to access the training courses. However, as the business continues to grow, so do the asks from the end clients.

In this case, some of CustomGuide’s end clients have an existing LMS, and for many, they were asking to have the training packaged for their own LMS. And, while CustomGuide attempted to deliver their courses as standalone SCORM packages, the success rate of delivering to other LMS systems wasn’t up to their standards.

Our solution: Rustici Cross Domain

To get CustomGuide’s content out to the world, as well as protect that content on their own servers, CustomGuide began leveraging Rustici Cross Domain (RXD). RXD helps content publishers like CustomGuide deliver courses to outside LMSs while still maintaining control of their content.

Access to the training, tutorials and assessments is one thing, but the real proof is what CustomGuide’s clients are experiencing. With the help of Rustici Cross Domain, CustomGuide is hitting the high standard they were aiming for and providing a positive customer experience.

Early results

Since implementing Rustici Cross Domain, CustomGuide has delivered over 10,000 courses and 750,000 tutorials and assessments to 900 organizations across 80 systems.

Get the whole story

To learn more about how CustomGuide achieved a new level of success by leveraging Rustici Cross Domain and to see some of the wins they’ve already achieved with RXD, read their full case study. In addition to learning how your business can leverage our software, you’ll discover that by working closely with Rustici Software, we build a partnership with your company.

It was only a matter of time before Kyle found his way to working with us as a Client Success Manager. After all, he’s connected to about half our employees through friendships or past jobs. Maybe it’s because he’s so friendly: his wife says he could befriend a lamp post.