CustomGuide creates interactive tutorials and assessments for business software, including Microsoft Office. In order to protect their custom training experience, CustomGuide uses Rustici Cross Domain (RXD). RXD allows them to deliver training as SCORM files to customers, while still hosting courses on their servers to easily maintain control of their content, update course versions and protect reporting.

CustomGuide selected Rustici Cross Domain as their long-term solution after testing solutions from Rustici Software, other offerings on the market and their own, internal support.

The challenge

CustomGuide provides interactive learning solutions to more than 10,000 users each year. They provide simulation-based training, covering 300 skills, to help learners become proficient in software like Windows 10, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook.

Traditionally, customers logged in to CustomGuide LMS to access the training, but as their customer base grew, they encountered more customers who wanted to import CustomGuide training into their existing LMS. Initially, CustomGuide attempted to export their course content as SCORM on their own, but they had a 75% success rate converting and delivering their content, which was not sufficient for their customer base.

The solution

CustomGuide turned to Rustici Software for help ensuring 100% success. They began testing content delivery using SCORM Cloud Dispatch and, after working closely with the Rustici Software support team, found a 100% success rate of delivering content to other LMSs. Ultimately, they selected RXD as their long-term solution because it sits on their servers, protects their simulation-based training experience and continually guarantees delivery of courses to other LMSs.

Rustici Cross Domain has been great for us because it lets us work around SCORM’s limitations. Our software training is successful because we provide a unique training experience for customers and RXD allows us to deliver this unique experience to customer LMSs, while maintaining control of our course content.

Jon High, CEO

The benefits

Working around SCORM’s limitations

CustomGuide’s training includes interactive tutorials and assessments, which are best served from their own internal servers because it ensures an optimal learning experience. Packaging the content into SCORM files presented a major challenge for CustomGuide. Rustici Cross Domain solves these problems; protecting CustomGuide’s unique experience by keeping the content on their servers, while allowing them to send access to the training to customer LMSs as SCORM proxy files.

Saving developer time

To add SCORM support initially, CustomGuide enlisted the best developers on their internal team. Now, those employees have time available to work on projects that differentiate their product from others in the market.

Providing and protecting great reporting

Because the training content resides on CustomGuide servers, RXD allows CustomGuide to gain insight into how clients are engaging with content in other LMSs using their proprietary reporting. CustomGuide enjoys leveraging these reports to gain insight into usage and inform their product development.

The results

Using Rustici Cross Domain, CustomGuide is able to serve learners in whichever platform they prefer. Whether customers use their own LMS or log in to the CustomGuide LMS, they’re able to gain access to great courses that improve their software skills.

Since implementing Rustici Cross Domain, CustomGuide has:

  • Delivered over 10,000 courses and 750,000 tutorials and assessments
  • Served 900 organizations across 80 systems.
  • Helped learners around the world average post-assessment scores of 95% after completing CustomGuide training, an improvement of 40% or higher for most learners.

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