Helping deliver training to the classroom

Content Controller is the latest Rustici Software product to pass the IMS Global certification testing as a certified LTI v1.3 Learning Tool. With this update, Content Controller customers have the power to reach a wider audience, including student learners, to help bridge the gap between what students learn through school curriculum and real-world application of that knowledge.

Content Controller joins Rustici Engine and Rustici Dispatch, our other LTI v1.3 certified products.

Where does LTI support fit in the big picture?

Many of our customers are interested in sharing training and certification courseware with students in higher-ed institutions and technical colleges. Until recently, publishers and other companies had no easy way of sharing a scalable amount of training directly with students. Without access to learners entering the workforce, the training curriculum experience is not always applicable with current industry practices. Consider technical college students who need updated safety training to perform in-home repairs for plumbing or electrical work. The safety training that determines how to engage with customers is different from the way it was a year ago. How can potential new hires get caught up on safety and compliance on top of learning their specialized craft?

With LTI support in Content Controller, publishers and content providers can easily integrate with platforms like Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace, and others. Now, companies and publishers can invest in current students’ professional futures. This new type of information-sharing results in knowledgeable potential employees who are ready to put their highly relevant skills to work.

What is new in the LTI v1.3 update?

This isn’t the first technical experience we’ve had with Content Controller and the LTI standard. Rustici supported LTI v1.1 in Content Controller since our v2.1 release in 2018. All the previous ways we’ve implemented LTI and the evolving business cases we’ve learned regarding where the LTI standard is headed, led us to this new certification.

From a technical standpoint, LTI v1.3 has a meaningful security update from v1.1 ensuring that learner data is securely exchanged between Content Controller and any given LMS. LTI v1.3 also validates the way customers launch new content differently and more securely than v1.1. Many platforms continue to support both v1.1 and v1.3. Content Controller supports both v1.1 and v1.3 as well, so customers can choose the version that makes the most sense for their business case.

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