This week, we’re cheering, “Hurrah!” for our clients who were named a top LMS by John Leh in his recent list, “2017 Talented Learning LMS Awards: Best of the Best.”

John Leh is CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, LLC. Named one of the Top 20 Global eLearning Movers and Shakers of 2017, John is a fiercely independent LMS selection consultant and blogger who helps organizations develop and implement technology strategies – primarily for the extended enterprise. John’s advice is based on twenty years of industry experience, having served as a trusted LMS selection and sales adviser to more than 100 learning organizations with a total technology spend of more than $65 million.

John Leh’s “2017 Talented Learning LMS Awards: Best of the Best” lists the top three LMSs (along with honorable mentions) in ten categories:

  1. Best Extended Enterprise LMS
  2. Best Channel and Partner LMS
  3. Best Customer LMS
  4. Best Compliance LMS
  5. Best Talent LMS
  6. Best Continuing Education LMS
  7. Best Association LMS
  8. Best Academic LMS
  9. Best Learning Tech Innovator
  10. Best LMS Thought Leader

We will highlight the Rustici Software clients each category.

Best Extended Enterprise LMS

#1 eLogic

eLogic and Rustici Software have worked together for many years and we’ve enjoyed watching their eSSEntial LMS platform evolve. eLogic uses SCORM Engine to support SCORM, AICC, xAPI and PENS. Plus they use Engine’s offline SCORM support in their mobile app.

#3 Litmos

Litmos was an early adopter of xAPI and is a leading SaaS based LMS. They were the first LMS to integrate with with our Engine LRS. Recently, they have also adopted our offline SCORM support using SCORM Engine .

Best Channel and Partner LMS

#2 NetExam

NetExam has carved out quite a name for themselves as a leading platform in the Channel Partner and Extended Enterprise training/learning space. NetExam’s SaaS based platform integrates SCORM Engine to support of all standards based eLearning content, including xAPI.

Honorable Mentions

  • LogicBay: A long time SCORM Engine customer, LogicBay uses Engine to supplement the training and enablement components of their channel partner management system, ChannelStack.

Best Customer LMS

#2 Litmos

#3 ServiceRocket – Learndot

ServiceRocket’s Learndot LMS is a fast-growing platform targeted to other software companies to deliver product training. They integrate our SCORM Engine to allow clients to import, launch and track standards based eLearning content.

Best Compliance LMS

#2 Blackboard

A long time SCORM Engine customer, Blackboard‘s Learn application uses Engine to handle the fine details around playing and tracking SCORM, AICC and xAPI content.

#3 eLogic

Honorable Mentions

  • RISC: RISC’s Virtual Training Assistant is a compliance focused LMS designed to help their clients ensure their employees are up to speed on the latest corporate and regulatory compliance standards. They have integrated our SCORM Engine to be able to support standards-based eLearning content and track employee progress.
  • Compli: Compli has a workforce compliance automation platform with a learning component that integrates our SCORM Engine to support standards based eLearning content. Their platform is primarily geared toward the Automotive industry though they are branching out to the Transportation and Consumer Lending industries to deliver compliance training.
  • Gyrus: Gyrus is a long standing customer who has integrated SCORM Engine for eLearning standards support in their LMS. The GyrusAim Product Suite is designed to completely manage the learning & development programs of companies ranging from 20 learners up to multi-site, enterprise organizations requiring complex training necessitated by hundreds of departments and tens of thousands of learners.

Best Talent LMS

#3 Sumtotal

SumTotal is a major player in the LMS space and they use SCORM Engine to help them support xAPI. The platform has an integration with SCORM Engine and the Rustici LRS.

Best Continuing Education LMS

#3 eLogic

Best Academic LMS

#1 Instructure Canvas

Canvas now supports SCORM content natively using SCORM Engine. Customers can bring in their third-party SCORM content into Canvas and access the SCORM Engine player via an LTI connection to seamlessly upload and delivery SCORM content from within Canvas.

#2 Blackboard

Honorable Mentions

  • D2L: The Brightspace LMS by D2L provides a modern, SaaS based LMS that supports a variety of learning modalities. Through the SCORM Engine integration, Brightspace now provides a 508 compliant content player and can support xAPI within the LMS.

Best Learning Tech Innovator

#2 Degreed

Leading in the Learning Experience Platform space, Degreed uses SCORM Cloud to help customers include standards-based eLearning content along side content from, YouTube and many other third-party content services.

Honorable Mentions

  • eLogic
  • Litmos
  • Wisetail: Wisetail offers a comprehensive learning platform geared toward the food, retail, and fitness industries featuring custom branding, social collaboration, and course authoring components. They integrate our SCORM Engine to support clients need to import, launch and track standards based eLearning content.

Best LMS Thought Leader

#2 ServiceRocket – Learndot

Honorable Mentions

  • eLogic
  • Litmos

Andy joined our team to evangelize xAPI. Now he talks to people about all of the eLearning standards all day because he is considered a “salesperson.” He’s also our office jokester – he’s a punny guy.