Urgent vs Important vs THIS

Posted by: Tim Martin
Date: June 03, 2009
Categories: Culture, Hiring, The Office


Countless sites have discussed an important topic in time management… the important/urgent matrix. In my simplistic terms, these folks are encouraging us all to work on important/non-urgent things more than we do. Apparently we are collectively distracted by the less important/more urgent tasks. Email, I suppose, contributes to this with its timely nature.

Lately, I’ve been working on a collection of items in both quadrants. Today, though, all of those things were thrown aside to resolve something crucial. Mike was right in that we aren’t hiring any software developers right now, but he didn’t know what I had in the works today.

Today, I hired a cookie intern.

Miss Hannah Wyatt, formerly employed as the artist of our SCORM comic, has been languishing in her educational career over the last few years. We regularly challenge our prospective employees to impress us with their story. And if your dream, your lifelong dream, is to be come a cookie intern, well, then, your story better be told in cookies.

Hannah has wowed us over the last several months with her baked goods, and we decided it was time to make her an offer. She’s accepted, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. If Hannah performs up to the levels we expect she will, we’ll be trying to come up with another offer for her in August… one that will convince her to opt out of her senior year at Franklin High School. The title of “cookie professional” awaits.

If any of you faithful readers aspire to a similar position, say, “ice cream intern”, please, by all means, tell us your story whenever you’re able. We may well be hiring.