• TJ Seabrooks


    There are many things that could be said about TJ. He is passionate and expressive and has the most distinctive laugh in the building. He can almost always be found with silly putty in his hands. He really, really likes silly putty (although he has ventured out into different brands) and has at least 15 different types in his office. He also is an animal because has a tendency to create a ‘mega wad’ by combining 4 or more putties together at a time. Mega wad is gross is a sight to behold.

    You might be familiar with the concept of describing someone (or yourself) seasonally. Well, TJ used to be an autumn, but recently he’s transitioned into more of a winter, and we feel pretty good about that around here.

    TJ is our Director of Products, which means there are a lot of developers that report to him.