As a writer and content person at Rustici, I’m all about words and how we can meaningfully share our knowledge with the learning community. I’m also very fortunate to work with many intelligent people who are also always happy to share their expertise with the industry through blogs, webinars, articles and more. 

When eLearning Learning announced they were looking for the best of the best blogs, we knew we had to nominate some of our developers-turned-bloggers and recognize their hard work. Out of the blogs we nominated, eLearning Learning picked two as finalists in the new and emerging technologies and the eLearning tools categories.

To choose the finalists, eLearning Learning sifted through remarkable content from industry thought-leaders around the world to find the posts that provided the highest value to industry professionals. Finalists were judged by eLearning Learning’s readers, award committee, machine intelligence and social media. 

We’re excited that Dottie Lindsey’s Best of both worlds: Developing Content Controller Launcher blog took first place in the New and Emerging Technologies category. As the principal developer on Launcher and team lead on Content Controller, Dottie shared her experience creating a new feature that allows organizations to share content to any type of system without requiring a Learning Management System (LMS). This was Dottie’s first blog for Rustici! Watch her acceptance video below.

We’re also thrilled that Brian Miller, our Director of Engineering, won second place for his Considerations for adding xAPI into your application blog in the eLearning Tools category. As xAPI adoption grows, so does the number of questions we receive about implementing xAPI. Your questions inspired Brian to reflect on the common xAPI benefits and challenges he’s learned and shared over the years. In 2020, Brian won the MVP blog award in the New and Emerging Technologies for his Semantic interoperability: Picking the best verb for a statement blog.

It’s so much fun working with a group of people who love sharing their knowledge. If you have questions about new features or product standards, reach out! You just might spark an idea for our next blog. In the meantime, be sure to comment your congratulations to Dottie and Brian on their MVP awards below.

Alicia is our content marketing manager who captivates audiences by providing comic relief to the eLearning standards. She wrote the cmi5 Best Practices Guide and writes about eLearning in presentations, blogs and articles regularly. Every year, she volunteers as a reporter for the Daily Dragon and is often found volunteering at a therapeutic equestrian center.