A few days ago, a Pyrex dish filled with orange-chocolate chip cookies arrived in our office. In our world, a Pyrex dish means one thing: we’ve been graced with treats from Tim’s wife. As we sampled the offerings, Tim told us about his wife’s new endeavor. She was turning their kitchen into a test kitchen and would repeat a recipe until she had made it better and simplified the process. Her treats don’t last long in the office, so unfortunately we can’t share with you.

Luckily, we have a test kitchen of our own. We’re always testing new features in SCORM Cloud to create a better user experience. Our latest concoction makes it easier for you to upload your courses into your Apps using SCORM Cloud. Enjoy!

As you might have seen, we’ve integrated SCORM Cloud in a few places, including WordPress and Google Apps. The way we see it, SCORM Cloud is much like a switchboard. Content comes in from all over the place and SCORM Cloud sends it out to different locations, including other Apps. While you still have the option to upload your courses directly to your App, you can also upload to your App using SCORM Cloud.

Uploading your content directly into Cloud gives you a few benefits. You can test your content using your Test Track Sandbox to see how your users will experience it. You can also launch your courses directly from Cloud. Have you created a Quizzage or ScoTube course you want to share? No problem, you can push those directly to your App too!

To upload to your Apps using SCORM Cloud, just follow these easy steps and you’re done before you know it. If you need to share your content outside the API, check out dispatch.

We’re always looking for ways to make SCORM Cloud better, so send us your ideas. I’m sure that you can come up with things we’ve never even considered.