“We made this chart and it just looked dumb, so we changed it”

-Mike Rustici

We recently decided to change the way we represent the different account options on the SCORM Cloud sign up page.  We made a nice looking table that would allow users to do side-by-side comparisons of the different account levels. It looked great except for this one place in the middle where there was just too much text.

“The Big” plan wasn’t as straightforward as the others. Instead of just one price for all overage registrations, the price was discounted after a certain threshold was met. Evidently the additional code to handle the pricing complexity wasn’t enough to make us want to simplify.  Likewise, explaining the pricing to users didn’t clue us in, either. But such a glaring blemish on an otherwise streamlined table just wouldn’t do.

The solution?  Remove the extra text by simplifying the price structure.

Now The Big plan has one price for each overage registration.  At 33 cents per overage, The Big plan is cheaper for all “The Big” plan users.

We like the way the new pricing table looks, and apparently our vanity can save you some money.