Congratulations are in order for SDA Studio Kft as well. In November, they completed the SCORM 2004 2nd Edition Certification of their Neptun.Net platform. This follows their prior SCORM 1.2 Certification in November 2005. SDA Studio Kft is the leading provider of online training in Hungary and has made perfect use of the multiple standard support found in the SCORM Engine. SDA Studio Kft also served as the impetus for the inclusion of the multi-lingual capability now found in all installations of the SCORM Engine.

From a personal perspective, I find the work we did with SDA Studio Kft fascinating. Ten years ago, we never could have found each other. Today, we were able to complete a full SCORM implementation in the context of their existing application from thousands of miles away without meeting face to face on a single occasion.

Congratulations to SDA Studio Kft on their accomplishment and dual certification.