Ever since we came up with the idea of the eLearning Atlas, we’ve been thinking about ways to make it better for our users.

What we realized was, as great as we are, we can only do so much. So we started thinking about what to bring to the Atlas next.

We are proud to say that Craig Weiss of eLearning 24/7 has graciously agreed to share his professional insight on some products listed on the Atlas. How’s that for exciting! What we love so much about Craig’s product reviews is he takes a non-biased, no BS approach. Craig will be adding comments in the Atlas to the products he has reviewed and providing links to his full reviews.

“I am absolutely thrilled to work with eLearning Atlas and being able to provide an independent assessment of each product. As a reader you can expect the same approach I use on my blog – right to the point without any fluff.  Plus you will be able to gain additional insight with direct links to an extensive product review.”
– Craig Weiss

We can’t thank Craig enough for the great addition to the eLearning Atlas. We built the Atlas to bring the eLearning community together and form a community. We hope that Craig is just the start, join the discussion by adding your own comments on the products and companies you love!