We moved about a year ago… basically across the street from where our old office was located. Our new space is beautiful, and ever-so-slowly over the past year we have added some personal touches (and inside jokes) to the space as we continue to turn this former warehouse into our new home.

Nashville Business Journal recently came out and took some photos of our space and shared a little bit about our office and our quirky decor (thanks, NBJ!) We also snapped and posted some photos of our own. There are a few photos below, and you can view the full gallery here.

We really do love our new office and are happy to be well on our way to settling in to the new Rustici Software HQ. We’re totally spoiled here with three full-sized refrigerators (Hannah talked a little about those here), a handful of different and fun co-working spaces with comfortable seating options, private offices for everyone and a big patio area complete with a grill and bocce/chess court.