If you’ve been keeping up with us over the years, you know we don’t take ourselves too seriously. For example, we have a running contest I’ll call “who can spit this (insert fruit pit/seed) the farthest”. Yep, we do a lot of silly things around here.

But, there are many things that we take very seriously, and one of those things is our customer support. If you’ve ever worked with our support team, you know how insanely awesome they are. If you haven’t experienced our customer support team, get ready to have your face melted off by their awesomeness.

Joe, TJ, Freddie, Brian Miller, Brian Rogers, Tammy, Tim Edwards and Nathan all handle support, and together they form the mythical “Team Delight”. In my humble opinion, these are some of the best support people in the world.

And you know what? Our customers agree.

See, we have this thing called the “Delight-O-Meter.” Whenever a customer support ticket is closed out, our customers get automatically asked to let us know if they had a delightful support experience, or if they didn’t. The Delight-O-Meter keeps track of our customers’ reactions to the 100 most recently closed support tickets.

Recently, there were two months in a row where the Delight-O-Meter held steady at 100%. That means that for 60 days, we delighted every…single…customer! This is a HUGE deal to us!

These are the kinds of things we’re hearing from our customers — the kinds of things that make the work that we do a delight:

  • “I was very impressed with the support I received. In fact, I was blown away as he offered to speak with me BY PHONE!”
  • “Anyone I work with always goes above and beyond. Thank you!”
  • “Efficient, no blabla, and quick. That’s how I like it. Thanks guys!”

If you haven’t already, check out our Delight-O-Meter. We’re really proud of the work that Team Delight does — it’s amazing to see how hard they work to keep our customers happy. Doesn’t a page filled with tiny Jena smiley faces illustrate that just perfectly?!