Back at it this afternoon… (quotes are loose)

  • John Howley, legal expertise
  • “Tell your lawyer what you need from them.” This is the great incentive to get your lawyer up to speed on the things you require.
  • We have developed in the common law tradition, in which judges were driving law creation based on existing law. Recent developments have pushed us away from that toward legislation only. Interesting… everything I hear today asks that judges not legislate. Is it inherently bad?
  • “Get away from the lawyer as risk avoider.”
  • Scott McPherson, CIO for Florida’s Legislature and Florida’s Pandemic Coordinator
    • A pandemic is a novel virus, to which humans have no immunity
    • A pandemic requires sustained human to human transmission
    • He gives some compelling reasons to fear a pandemic
    • The first risk he mentions is that we haven’t had a pandemic in so long
    • I acknowledge that this has little to do with learning, and less to do with SCORM, but I’m fascinated, so you get it here.
    • From Eisenhower, “The plan is useless, it’s the planning that’s important.”
  • Wayne Hodgins
    • Here comes the relevance… Wayne is going to talk about the future for SCORM and LETSI.
    • Adoption exceeds expectations dramatically
    • The commonality of the problems people encounter is surprisingly high
    • Learning Education and Training Systems Interoperability (LETSI) is a federation of organizations loosely coupled to shepherd SCORM forward
    • Elliott would love…
    • An open standard API that allowed for plugging things together… Editor’s Note: This is a great idea, but incredibly difficult. In this case, the devil is absolutely in the details. But, it’s a great place to start.
    • Could you maintain your learning profile on a thumbdrive?
  • What should we expect?
    • Q1: LETSI becomes a formal organization
  • How do we prioritize the needs?
  • Announcing: The Global Learning Expedition
    • Wayne is going south from San Francisco in a boat… literally
    • More or less, this a focus for Elliott and Wayne on global learning

    Well, the relevance level came up slightly. Stream of consciousness blogging is what it is…

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