A quick note of warning… several posts are forthcoming on Learning 2007, a conference put on by Elliott Masie and his crew. Each year, I attend several conferences related to SCORM and the eLearning industry. Some are exciting, others are not.

Put simply, this is a conference I’m attending because I want to learn, not because I want to sell. I’m excited to be here for a bunch of reasons, but here are a couple…

  • Elliott Masie and his crew seem to really live this learning stuff… They will do everything they can to keep it interesting… engaging… I’m really looking forward to it.
  • We (Rustici Software) always looking to see what’s coming, and this is a great place to do that.
  • Bobby Flay is going to be making dinner… Somehow, I’m told, this will relate to learning. Me? I don’t really care… I just think Bobby Flay is cool.

I’ll do my best to post a few interesting tidbits throughout the conference.

If you’re here at Learning 2007 and you keep up with this blog, certainly seek me out. I’d love to talk to you about what you’re learning.