The past week or so Nashville has experienced some pretty intense heat. This wasn’t the normal kind of heat where the temperature and humidity levels are roughly the same. This was a  new kind of heat. Suffocating, debilitating, triple digit heat. The kind of heat that does this to frogs…..

Dehydrated Frog

Now, I know you’re asking yourself  “why do you care about this frog”. The answer is simple. This frog was on a mission.

Chris found this frog stuck to the middle of the sidewalk outside our office. Our office is comfortably situated at the end of a long building. We have a sidewalk that completely surrounds 3 sides of our office. The long stretch of sidewalk on the end has a small creek. This creek is usually filled with fast food trash (we pick it up!) courtesy of the hoodlums that hang out on our deck. That creek was where the frog was headed.

This frog was killed mid-stride as he tried to approach the watery goodness of the creek. All he wanted was to spend an hour or two in the cool water, maybe cover himself with mud (do frogs do that?) and cool off. To get away from the heat that literally sucked him dry.

Poor guy.