Button10 - shortlistedWe wanted to create something new with SCORM Cloud. Something that could take advantage of the changes happening in learning online. Something that could change the way we think about tapping the internet. Something that anticipated the needs of educators and trainers.

And we think we did it. And we aren’t the only ones. In fact, SCORM Cloud was just short-listed for the e.learning age awards in the most innovative new product category. Sweet!

SCORM Cloud is just at the beginning of its impact. It’s already making life easier for people with big open-source LMSs, anyone needing to do SCORM testing and those offering training via WordPress. And we’re looking for new ways to stretch all the time.

Upcoming innovations? How about using it with Google Apps for domains? That one’s in the works to be available soon and could be a dream for small businesses. And we’re hoping to let you know soon about ways people outside of Rustici are building on top of SCORM Cloud.