With summer coming to an end and kids returning to school in just a matter of weeks, it’s almost time for iFEST. Much like the return after a long break, we’re excited that iFEST 2022 will be in-person as it’s been two years since going virtual. It’s like that first day feeling all over again to catch up and meet with folks that care about the eLearning standards as much as we do across government, industry and academia.

Feeling nostalgic for the science fair

Every year iFEST hosts a poster competition describing ongoing technology development projects. This year, we get to return to having a hallway filled with easels and foam boards. Be sure to check out our poster, When to Migrate Legacy SCORM Content to cmi5, which outlines key questions to ask when deciding to convert content and provides use cases of when to put cmi5 into practice. Brian Miller will be standing proudly next to our display to answer any questions during the evening reception on Wednesday, August 17. We hope to keep up the winning streak as our 2021 iFEST poster won the People’s Choice for Best Narrative award last year.

Have your pens and paper ready

On Thursday morning, Tammy Rutherford and Chris Tompkins are leading an activity called Uncovering the Technology Challenges of Moving Towards a Modern, Total Learning Architecture-Centric Ecosystem at 8:30 AM. During this interactive session, they will explore the complexities of modernizing your learning ecosystem, such as understanding system interoperability challenges, deciding which standard to use and discussing ways to manage the wide variety of inputs and outputs from each tool. Attendees will split into groups to uncover technology concerns and what their goals and concerns are for moving toward a Total Learning Architecture-centric learning ecosystem.

Get a lesson on acing RFPs

In the session right after at 9:30 AM, you can hear Chris speak again on Understanding Your Internal Stakeholders Needs: What to Ask Technology Vendors about eLearning Standards. His talk will be helpful for procurement and acquisitions professionals to better understand what guidance and information they should include on their Requests for Proposals for technology vendors in regards to eLearning standards and technology interoperability.

Plan time for 1:1 tutoring

We’ll have a sponsor table setup to answer any questions and would love to learn more about your specific challenges. So, if you’re planning on attending iFEST, let us know. Brian, Chris and Tammy would love to connect with you in Alexandria, VA!

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