We kicked off a new event here last week that we’re calling Family Meal. Around here, we place a premium on intentional time together. We feel it’s important and it matters. In an effort to mix things up and continue to evolve culturally as a company, Family Meal was born.

Why the name? A Family Meal signifies an event in which people that matter to one another show up and give each other respect and attention and talk about what’s happening in each of their worlds. We like what that represents.
Our version of Family Meal will happen every 6 weeks or so, and gives us the chance to be aware of and acknowledge the hard work that we all put in around here. It also gives us the chance to enjoy a meal together and have some fun at the same time.

To start the event, each Rustician was greeted with the card below as they sat down at the table:

Yes, that’s right, no phones or laptops allowed! This first meal was catered by Mafiaoza’s Pizzeria and it was delicious. Thanks for feeding us, Mafi’s!!

We’re excited to see what each Family Meal looks like throughout the year. It’s going to be different, changing and memorable each time, and I’ve already been cooking up some unique, creative (and maybe wacky) themes to keep it interesting.

(If you feel so inclined, you can click here to see a few more photos from our first Family Meal experience.)