When we have a customer come to us, it’s our goal to talk through the problems they are trying to solve and get them to a place where they are comfortable with the information we are giving them and have the confidence they need to move forward. Once you become a customer, we aim to continue that support as well as learn from our customers. EVERFI is a case where a customer has become a partner, always willing to discuss the industry as well as how our products are continuing to aid them in their company goals. With many partners, the more we talk, the more we realize how we can work together. In fact that has led to EVERFI using multiple Rustici Software products, but today we will focus on Rustici Cross Domain (RXD).

Their need: Content delivery

EVERFI is a leading provider of social impact education, and they do their thing very well. Like many, they were faced with customers that asked to do it a little differently. In their case, EVERFI was always able to give access to their content through the EVERFI platform, but customers started asking to have access to EVERFI content on their own platforms. Packaging and handing over a course was not practical, but in order to be able to say yes to their prospective customers, they need to find a way around this.

Our solution: Rustici Cross Domain

When you have content that is difficult to put into an eLearning standard or is tightly integrated with your platform, Rustici Cross Domain is a way to get those pieces of content out of your system and into a third-party platform. Now size and scalability are no longer a restraint for them and their end customers.

The results: Just say yes

It’s always nice when you can just say yes to a customer’s request. While we know that this may not be the only plus side of having Rustici Cross Domain, it was a big one. In EVERFI’s own words, “It took a barrier to entry and completely removed it.” Along with that, they have mentioned a number of other benefits of using RXD.

  • Streamlined client onboarding
  • One integration, multiple configurations
  • Seamlessly update courses
  • Increased business opportunity

You can learn more detail on how EVERFI’s uses Rustici Cross Domain to distribute content in the full case study. We are always willing to have a conversation. All you have to do is reach out and ask us anything, really.

It was only a matter of time before Kyle found his way to working with us as a Client Success Manager. After all, he’s connected to about half our employees through friendships or past jobs. Maybe it’s because he’s so friendly: his wife says he could befriend a lamp post.