Genius SIS uses SCORM Cloud API to help higher-ed clients create continuing education courses for non-degree learners.

Catching up with Genius SIS

Since 2018, Genius SIS has conservatively served well over 500,000 learners in SCORM Cloud, launching over 260 courses so far. One reason for their growth? They help higher-ed clients connect with corporate training using SCORM Cloud API. We’ve been watching and writing about continuing education for non-degree learners, and wanted to learn how Genius SIS creates their programs.

We asked VP of Product Management, Charles Lee, about company growth in 2020, and how SCORM Cloud benefits customers who create new revenue streams with corporate training courses.

1. What was Genius SIS’ lead indicator for growth in 2020? 

COVID-19 and the shift to online learning impacted our growth the most in 2020. We are also seeing a strong trend with higher education, continuing education, and professional development clients who want to build new revenue channels for the university outside of traditional degree granting programs.

2. What are your clients doing to build new revenue channels? 

Our higher-ed clients are delivering courseware to non-degree students. On one hand, corporations have an opportunity to train or upskill their future workforce. On the other, students who need to learn a new skill want to be associated with the reputation and credibility that a university provides. Connecting higher-ed learning with corporate-specific training presents a new revenue opportunity. Our higher-ed clients are the experts in education. They come to us to offer workforce solutions. 

3. Are university customers using Genius SIS to deliver corporate training? 

Yes, some of our higher education clients have secured grant funding to provide displaced workers with opportunities to get educated for good jobs. Other higher education clients offer executive training to corporate partners in their local community.  Another higher education client, has three COVID-19 courses that alumni can currently register for to access health and safety continuing education. What’s nice about Genius SIS is that our platform aggregates content from multiple sources, whether it’s a course built in the LMS or created with a third party SCORM authoring tool. This is where SCORM Cloud comes into play.

4. What do customers like about the functionality of SCORM Cloud in Genius SIS? 

The ability to work across LMSs is important. Every LMS has a ‘My Courses’ dashboard or something like it. Clients who use Genius SIS aren’t limited to the bounds of any single LMS regardless of where they create their course. Clients can add a SCORM Cloud instance to handle standardized content with our platform, and customers can track competencies, combine courses into a package, and adjust settings so that when learners complete the package they earn a certificate. We also make course recommendations and control access, based on training sequence or learner requirements.

One of the challenges for customers is creating or acquiring great content for their training programs. We’ve found that learners appreciate the professional design of courses, consistency and simplicity. The problem is, LMS vendors can change and features are platform specific, so the way a course is designed in one platform, might not be consistent with another. Our clients can bring SCORM content right into the Genius SIS platform with SCORM Cloud, so professional, organized design is easier to produce than using different systems to create silo specific content. 

5. How are your clients using SCORM Cloud currently? 

SCORM Cloud’s lightweight application is an advantage for some of our clients that don’t need a full featured LMS. SCORM Cloud delivers packaged content in a clean and simple way, and our clients use Genius SIS for registration, launching that SCORM content in SCORM Cloud through our integration. This way, clients benefit from SCORM Cloud’s cost-effective delivery and ease of use, and Genius’ extensive registration, e-commerce, tracking and reporting capabilities.

To learn more about how you can integrate SCORM Cloud into your system, check out the SCORM Cloud API, or reach out and ask us anything. We are here to help. 

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