The third and last list, as part of our blog-post series, we intend to celebrate is the Fosway 9-Grid. Fosway Group is a leading European HR Analyst focused on Next Gen HR, Talent and Learning. 9-Grid™ is a five dimensional market analysis model that is used to understand the relative position of solutions and providers in the learning and talent systems market.

The five dimensions of 9-Grid™ are:

  1. Potential – the solution’s scope and sophistication
  2. Performance – comprising market performance and customer performance
  3. Presence – historic and current presence including size of related business and number of enterprise customers
  4. Total Cost of Ownership – the full cost of acquiring, implementing and operating the solution (typically over a 3 year period)
  5. Future Trajectory – the impact of trends in the market, related to a vendor’s Performance and Potential

Lucky for us, we have clients who won in each of the five Fosway 9-Grid categories.

  1. Learning Systems: five learning systems of Fosway’s grid use Rustici Software products including SCORM Engine, Content Controller and SCORM Cloud.
  2. Talent Management: one of the Core Challengers on the grid uses SCORM Engine to help with their xAPI and SCORM needs.
  3. Digital Learning: three digital learning systems use SCORM Engine to help them with standards. One of them even uses our offline SCORM extension.
  4. Authoring Systems: seven authoring tools benefit from SCORM Driver, which helps them convert content so it supports eLearning standards.
  5. Cloud HSM: Last but not lease, one of our clients using SCORM Engine to help with their stands support.

Andy joined our team to evangelize xAPI. Now he talks to people about all of the eLearning standards all day because he is considered a “salesperson.” He’s also our office jokester – he’s a punny guy.