We love our customers and we like to think our customers love us too. So, when we have a reason to celebrate their successes, we jump all over it. Over the past couple of years we’ve done an annual “Best of” blog series to highlight specific customer achievement. This year, to help this be a bit more digestible, i.e. not the length of a novelette like in years past, we’re going to focus on the percentage of Rustici Software customers that show up in each list. We’ll also provide links to each list for you to peruse.

Working with 35% of the Top 20 Learning Systems named by Craig Weiss

First up is Craig Weiss’s Top 50 Learning Systems for 2020 (rankings #50-#40), (rankings #39-#21) and Top 20. This is a fantastic list of learning systems, including traditional LMSs, LXPs/LEPs, and some systems specifically designed for particular industries. Craig’s annual best of lists and his FindAnLMS service are go-to resources for any organization searching for a new and improved learning system, so to be included in his Top 50 list is a pretty big deal! Which is why we’re excited to be behind the scenes with our Rustici Engine and SCORM Cloud products in a quarter of these top shelf systems. Rustici Software customers account for 22% of the top 50 Learning Systems, and 35% of the top 20.

Supporting 20% of the Fosway’s Learning System 9-Grid winners

Next is another one of our favorite lists that we highlight each year: Fosway 9-Grid for Digital Learning and Learning Systems. For those of you unfamiliar with Fosway 9-Grid for Digital Learning, this is a multi-dimensional model, focused primarily on the UK and EU markets, which helps organizations select solution and service providers based on their performance, potential, market presence, total cost of ownership and their future trajectories across the Digital Learning market.

Digital Learning providers tend to not only offer technology products, but offer services wrapped around those products such as content creation, learning environment design and overall learning strategy. This year Rustici Software customers make up 13% of the Digital Learning finalists. Among those is our parent company, LTG. We are so proud of our customers for this accomplishment, as well as all of our sister companies who contribute mightily to LTG’s position in this impressive field of providers.

Every year, Fosway also releases their 9-Grid for Learning Systems. This 9-Grid focuses again primarily on the UK and EU markets, but unlike Digital Learning, Learning System providers are delivering product solutions to solve learning challenges within the business and its extended enterprise. The same measures are used for Learning System providers as were used for Digital Learning providers. This year, Rustici Software customers account for 20% of the Learning Systems finalists. As always we are thrilled and humbled to be a small, yet important, part of our customers’ products.

Helping 20% of the Top Authoring Tools listed by Training Industry

And finally, this year we’re going to highlight the Training Industry’s Top 20 eLearning Authoring Tools. Without content creation tools, like the ones included in this list, we’d have a lot of empty LMSs out there! We have been providing authoring tools around the world with the ability to publish content that conforms to various eLearning standards, such as SCORM, AICC, xAPI and cmi5, for over 15 years. We’re especially proud of the tools we help that were included in the Training Industry’s Top 20 list.

This year, Rustici Software customers account for 20% of the Top 20 list, and 2 of the Authoring Tools to watch. We’re also very thrilled for our sister company, Gomo Learning, who have been included in the Top 20 once again!

The common denominator across all the tools and platforms

I love putting this blog post together each year because it reminds me how wide spread our technology is across the eLearning industry. We’re so proud of the work our people do day in and day out, as well as the amazing technology our tools get to be a part of. Working together with our many customers, we’re making life a bit easier for learning and development professionals around the world by helping learning systems and tools to play nicely with one another.

Andy joined our team to evangelize xAPI. Now he talks to people about all of the eLearning standards all day because he is considered a “salesperson.” He’s also our office jokester – he’s a punny guy.