Six and a half years. That’s how long I’ve been a part of Rustici Software. In that time things have changed; things are always changing. However, as the people change, the buildings change, and the technology changes some things remain constant. Recently, you’ll likely have seen that we’ve had some folks move around. You may even have noticed that our CEO has changed. However, who Rustici Software is, and how we work, are one of those constants that won’t be changing.

First and foremost, we’ll continue providing the high level of service our customers expect from us. A large part of our company’s culture is the high value we put on our interactions with people, customers and non-customers alike. As a team we’ve always been driven by the positive feedback we receive.

We’ve had a number of customers tell us we’re their favorite vendor over the years. Usually it’s because we’re attentive, responsive, and we actually care about their problems. It’s always flattering and words of praise are always fun to hear, but we consider that meeting expectations.

At our core is the idea that we genuinely want to talk to our customers and we want our customers to talk to the right person here in our office, no matter who that is. It might be a salesperson, developer, one of the Donnelly brothers that run our customer support team, or even the CEO. We just want to help people solve problems so they can get their work done.

We continue to be an organization intent on helping our customers and community with eLearning standards and specifications. Whatever questions or challenges you have, our hope is that you reach out, get us on the phone, and let us be the technical resource you lean on.

So, please. Please. Continue to “ask us anything.” It’s what we do and it’s when we do our best work.

TJ Seabrooks
CEO, Rustici Software

TJ is the Chief Technology Officer at PeopleFluent, another Learning Technologies Group company, though he used to be CEO here at Rustici Software. He is passionate, expressive and has the most distinctive laugh you’ll ever hear.