OK, maybe we won’t have live medieval catapult demonstrations, but we are thrilled to talk about cmi5 and CATAPULT at I/ITSEC 2021, which takes place in Orlando from Nov. 29 to Dec. 3. In addition to sharing new tools, we’re especially excited to see our government customers and friends in-person for the first time in way too long.

Curious about I/ITSEC? It’s the world’s largest modeling, simulation and training event and includes everything from artificial intelligence to simulations to serious games. I/ITSEC emphasizes defense and security training and themes.

For those attending the conference, don’t forget to read our paper, Bridging the SCORM and xAPI Gap: The Role of cmi5, before we present in the ED3: wikiHow: The Underpinnings of Automated Assessment session block on Wednesday at 8:30 EST. Brian Miller, cmi5 CATAPULT lead developer, will share details about the project and the role cmi5 will play in the Department of Defense’s learning and training modernization efforts by providing an interoperable way to track advanced technologies, like simulations, in a traditional LMS. Brian will also introduce the cmi5 CATAPULT tools that were developed, including the Content Test Suite, course templates, LMS Test Suite, Player Prototype and comprehensive best practices guide. Learn all about cmi5 here. Brian will be joined by Andy Johnson, SETA Coordinator at the ADL Initiative, to discuss what cmi5 is and how the DoD states that cmi5 is one of the paths to a more modern, distributed learning ecosystem. Papers will be made available here.

Before attending our, be sure to attend the cmi5 tutorial led by Andy Johnson, Art Werkenthin (RISC, Inc.) and Miguel Hernandez (Eduworks) Monday, Nov. 29 at 8:30 EST to learn about the basics of xAPI, cmi5 and xAPI Profiles included in the Tutorial 8: Instructional Systems Concepts session block. See more about the cmi5 tutorial.

One of our favorite parts of the conference is meeting and catching up with all of our government clients. We have several Rusticians attending the conference, including Tammy Rutherford, Brian Miller, Chris Tompkins and George Vilches. If you have any questions or want to chat face to face, we’re happy to schedule time to meet up while in Orlando!

Alicia is our content marketing manager who captivates audiences by providing comic relief to the eLearning standards. She wrote the cmi5 Best Practices Guide and writes about eLearning in presentations, blogs and articles regularly. Every year, she volunteers as a reporter for the Daily Dragon and is often found volunteering at a therapeutic equestrian center.