Whew! Finally recovering from the holiday festivities and the small talk that seems to come along with it. Invariably when meeting new people, the stock question, “Where do you work?” comes up. We joke around here that this can be a loaded question. Some of us provide in-depth explanations of SCORM and Tin Can and that we create the software that handles these challenging, yet valuable standards. And others (me included) usually just keep it simple — “a software company in Cool Springs”. Either way, it’s not as easy to explain when talking to folks unfamiliar with the world of e-learning.

So, when we heard that one of our clients, Atomic Learning, recently launched an initiative with Metro Nashville Public Schools to assess the technical skills of over 6,000 middle school students using our SCORM Engine software, we got really excited. There’s a good chance that our kids, neighbors, family and friends might have actually interacted with our software. While millions of users around the world (many that live in Nashville) end up training via SCORM Engine or SCORM Cloud through one of our LMS partners, for some reason, this one hits home a bit more.

nashville, tn

The Learning Technology Department for Metro Nashville Public Schools uses Atomic Learning to gauge the digital literacy of students with their Tech Skills Assessment. Another assessment is used specifically for teachers that focuses on the application of technology and 21st Century Skills assessment. Parents also have access to the Atomic Learning online video library to sharpen their computer skills.

So where does Rustici Software fit into all of this? Atomic Learning uses our SCORM Engine software to manage all of the complicated, backend pieces that handle the delivery and tracking of those assessments and courses. The SCORM Engine enables the Atomic Learning platform to know if users are new or returning to the courses, tracks scores and how long they spent taking the assessment, and how they answered the assessment questions.

By partnering with Rustici Software, Atomic Learning not only gets best-in-class SCORM support for their platform, but it also frees up their developers and resources to focus on their core business — making technology work better in the classroom.

Tammy knew what SCORM was several years before joining Rustici Software, and she’s not even a standards dork. She’s the Director of Accounts and Marketing, the general wearer of lots of hats. She’s also an Iron(wo)Man many times over.