Three years ago, we started on a journey with ADL to help them come up with the next version of SCORM. We’ve come a long way since then (we just hit Tin Can API 1.0!) and Rustici Software has grown quite a bit. Today we’re excited to welcome our two latest additions to the Rustici Software family: Ervin and Nathan (or Ervin and Skirvin, as we call them). If you haven’t noticed, we like to hire in pairs, and rhyming pairs are even better.

Ervin Puškar is joining up with our developers and we are really excited about the things he will be working on. Right now he is focused on making it easier for our sales team to interact with prospects, which has a few people around here smiling (I’m looking at you, Chris & Tammy). Wanna learn a bit more about Ervin? This should help.

Nathan, on the other hand, is jumping onto Team Delight to help with supporting our customers. Team Delight’s main goal is to dazzle our customers with great support, and we think Nathan is a wonderful addition to the team. There’s a lot more to Nathan than his way with customers, so head over here to learn more.

We are so excited to welcome Nathan and Ervin to our team, and we’re always on the lookout for more awesome folks just like them to join us. Check out this blog post to get an idea of who we are looking for. Who knows, we could be welcoming you next 🙂