• Sam Cayford


    Sam is from Guildford, England. He moved to Nashville from London (where he worked in the Gherkin building.) Of course, Sam has a British accent. (Duh.) He shared a funny story when he started with us about how sometimes people think he’s saying ‘Simon’ when he tells them his name. He has since said that sharing that story is one of his biggest regrets, because now Hannah some people pretty much exclusively call him Simon.

    He likes relaxing on the weekends, occasionally going hiking or trying to get in a game of Snooker. He has a German Shepherd named Sampson (Samps), which Sam refers to as a “frenemy”.

    Sam really likes pancakes. He claims there there is a holiday in February called Pancake Day that’s widely celebrated in the U.K. that involves, well, eating pancakes. We still aren’t sure if Pancake Day is a real holiday or not, but we went ahead and celebrated this year just to be safe, and because we think Sam is a good guy and were happy to eat pancakes with him.

    Sam is working on SCORM Engine, and bringing us lots of “Brexit” jokes, which are greatly appreciated.