• Sam Cayford


    Sam is from Guildford, England. He moved to Nashville from London (where he worked in the Gherkin building.) Of course, Sam has a British accent. (Duh.) He likes relaxing on the weekends, occasionally going hiking or trying to get in a game of Snooker. He has a German Shepherd named Sampson (Samps), which Sam refers to as a “frenemy”.

    Sam really likes pancakes. He claims there there is a holiday in February called Pancake Day that’s widely celebrated in the U.K. that involves, well, eating pancakes. We still aren’t sure if Pancake Day is a real holiday or not, but we went ahead and celebrated this year just to be safe, and because we think Sam is a good guy and were happy to eat pancakes with him.

    Sam is working on SCORM Engine, and bringing us lots of “Brexit” jokes, which are greatly appreciated.