• Reid Wiggins


    Popular Rustici folklore tells it like this: Reid never played much pong, and one day, Tim Martin asked Reid when he was going to get to play a game of pong with him. Reid pointedly and specifically answered Tim with, “July 17, 2016.”

    Now, it should be noted that here at Rustici we like to have fun and celebrate things, so naturally, we quietly recorded Reid’s pong debut date in our calendars and when July 17 arrived, we were ready with custom designed tees, ice cream, and a crowd of Rusticians eager to witness Reid’s big pong debut (and Reid had no idea any of this was in the works).

    Reid played a game of pong that day, but has never been seen with a pong paddle since.

    Reid is also the youngest Rustician, but he’s an old soul. He likes rock/alternative music (and a little bit of metal), cars, video games, and math.

    Reid is working on SCORM Cloud, mostly database things.