• Laura Mensel


    Laura is sweet as a peach and probably the most kind and caring Rustician in the building. The rest of us are lovely people, don’t get me wrong, but Laura simply has a heart of gold. Unless of course she’s trying to negotiate with you on price (or really anything), and in that case, don’t say we didn’t warn you about her! Her ferocity in this department is unmatched.  

    Laura can often be found wearing a smile and a flower crown. She also has a tendency to show up with different streaks of color in her hair on a weekly basis. You just never know what she’ll surprise you with next!

    She once had her own mini-fridge in our office stocked with a personal supply of Diet Dr. Pepper doesn’t ever consume Diet Dr. Pepper. Not ever.

    Laura is our Director of Finance and HR. She keeps a watchful eye on all things related to money and people and usually has somewhere north of 10 spreadsheets open on her computer at any given time.