• John Griner


    John and his family are new owners of several acres of land near the Tennessee/Alabama border, in “the sticks” of Tennessee as he explains it. He and his wife and their two children currently live close to the land while they imagine what type of house to build and what other creatures should call it home. Already home to his bees, they have dreams of sheep and plans to add chickens in the future.  I’m really hoping we can take a company field trip there after he’s gotten everyone settled in, but that’s mostly just because I’ll want to see his silkie chickens.

    John has known Cody since middle school, and that’s how he made his way to us. (Thanks, Cody!!) He watches Netflix from time to time, but mostly spends his free time working on puzzles with his two young kids and also enjoys cooking as means of relaxing. Like several other Rusticians, he likes his food spicy, but unlike our other in-house hot heads, he prefers using peppers over hot sauce and even grows his own preferred varieties at home. Color me impressed!

    John is a software developer working on SCORM Engine, and we’re thrilled to have him ‘spicing’ things up here at Rustici Software.