• Joe Donnelly


    Joe is here for you, the customer, the prospect, anyone who needs help with SCORM, xAPI, or our products. Part customer advocate, part drill sergeant, Joe helps our customers get what they need and helps projects stay on the straight and narrow. Joe’s also seen nearly as much SCORM stuff as the SCORM Engine, since he’s been supporting it since its inception.

    As milo1973 on Xbox Live, Joe is convinced that Halo and NHL 2009 are ripe for SCORM-ifying. He’s also mostly forgone Ping Pong in favor of Magic: The Gathering. Most of that isn’t accurate anymore, but Joe does still play Magic: The Gathering. He’s also very proud to be employee #1 on the Rustici tenure ladder.

    I've known Tim and Mike (the owners of Rustici Software) a long time. We all worked together at a different company. Mike and Tim left to start Rustici Software, but we stayed in touch. I really enjoyed watching what they were building, and not so secretly, I wanted to be a part of it. I messaged Tim quite a bit, letting him know that I would be willing to start out by being their cleaning service. I told him I wouldn’t need a desk. I even told him I would use my own computer.

    Eventually, they gave in.

    I’ve been at Rustici for just over 5 years. I’ve said in the past, when interviewing at other companies, that I felt like I had just done my last job interview. When I sat with Tim and Mike the first time, I knew it.

    I love the independence to do my work when and where I please. I’ve worked at other jobs in the past where if “your butt is not in the seat at the office, you obviously aren't working”. This has been a nice change of pace...there are days where working from the house works better for me.

    If you asked me 3 years ago, I would say my favorite lunchtime game was darts...a year ago, probably pong. Now it is Magic (The Gathering). Some things change, but working here has always been great.