• Chris Tompkins


    We knew that Chris was going to fit in here when he told us stories from a prior job in which he visited various Walmarts, teaching the disinterested staff about how to sell satellite radios. When your job will revolve around explaining e-learning standards and educating people about them, patience and teaching become pretty important.

    Chances are that if you need something from us, then Chris is your man. Chris and Andy round out our sales team, even though our sales process isn’t typical.

    Some might say that Chris is the most innovative pong player in the office. He also takes interest in birds and catches them regularly around the office. See Exhibit A, Exhibit B.

    I've worked at a few different places that called themselves "flexible." Nothing compares to my time at Rustici. I've got the freedom to be myself, manage life, and do my best work. Everyone pulls their weight. It's so refreshing to be surrounded by smart, hard-working team members. Long live Rustici Software!