• Brian Rogers


    Brian implemented the SCORM Content Player and the SCORM Engine against an LMS at his former company Evolve Learning. He was so easy to work with and understood things so well that when he came back looking to work with us years later, we couldn’t ignore him. Now Brian provides that same service to our customers. Brian’s built his own LMSs, and he’s seen the inner-workings of countless customer LMSs.

    When it comes to xAPI, Brian is a real pioneer. He even chooses to spend his time off building his own xAPI projects…he’s even xAPI-ified Minecraft!

    Brian is the first Rustici Software employee to have sons, two of them. At least everyone else with kids has offered the token daughter (Mike and Tim bring five girls to the party.) Brian has been forgiven. Well, sort of.

    Brian is currently working on software development for the Cloud team.