• Luke Wiedeman


    Luke is a Rustici-unicorn in that he does not share his name with anyone else, which feels rare and special these days. He’s a brand new Nashvillian, having just moved here from Maryland where he was born and raised. I have plans to assign Sam to be Luke’s Nashville guide* (because of course our British employee also happens to be the most Southern and Nashville-y person in the office!)

    Working at Rustici comes with a certain set of perks, one of which is our drink refrigerator, which I keep stocked with over 30 varieties of beverages. When I gave Luke a tour of our office, we stopped at the refrigerator, where Luke informed me he mostly drinks water. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think there’s a chance he expands his beverage repertoire in the next 6 months and will follow up at that time. Stay tuned.

    Luke’s first day in the office coincided with our most elaborate Thanksmas celebration yet. I can confidently say no one has ever received a more extravagant welcome!

    Luke is going to be doing some QA work for us, and we are really just thrilled to have him here.

    *Sam hasn’t been informed of this yet. Sam, if you’re reading this… you have been hereby assigned to be Luke’s guide!