• Josh White


    Josh got to join one of Rustici’s most popular and booming clubs on his first day of work. Along with five other sets of Rusticians, he and Josh 1.0 are the newest members of the Rustici Double Name Club, where they can now be included in the club’s secret Slack channel* alongside the Tims, the Brians, the Ryans, the Chrises and the Reed/Reids.

    In his life, Josh has worked as the vintner’s farmhand at le Clos de la Meslerie vineyard in Vouvray, France and stayed with a pilot in Sweden who offered to fly him to Goa, India if he was willing to sit in the plane’s jump seat for the 13 hour flight—he said yes. And those are only the stories he shared when I made him narrow his expansive travel memories down to some of his top moments!

    Travels aside, Josh describes himself as a jack of many trades who can do a lot of things poorly, including juggling and poi (which is fire spinning, if like me, you weren’t aware.) He has two dogs, enjoys rock climbing, and offered up a piece of advice at the end of our time together that I loved so much, I made him type it out as to not mince his words.

    “There are a million reasons you can come up with for why not to do something. But you’ll find if you just do it, the reasons aren’t as many or as daunting as you imagined.”

    Josh is a software developer for us, and we are so glad that he chose Rustici Software as his latest adventure.

    *the Double Name Club Slack channel isn’t actually a thing (yet) but the Rustici double name phenomenon is very much a real thing, and I have slight FOMO for not being a part of it.