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More of the same

Welcome to week one of the post-acquisition Rustici Software world. I just thought I’d take a moment here to discuss one of the reasons we agreed to sell Rustici Software to LTG, because it’s not all about the money. Mike and I were seeking investment funding for Watershed, but we really weren’t on the lookout […]


Big news from Rustici Software

Today, I want to share a piece of news that’s really exciting for us. As of this morning, Rustici Software has been acquired by Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG), a publicly listed learning technologies agency made up of specialist digital learning businesses. As a part of LTG, we’ll have the opportunity to work with the […]


Thanks Rustici Software

It’s been a summer full of work, fun, food, and friendship. Many ping pong battles have been fought, cries of agony and celebration over code, and slow enjoyable summer nights hanging out after work.


Everybody’s Special


That’s one of the things I love about working at Rustici Software; everybody you work with has expertise in their domain, isn’t afraid to bring it to the table and values the expertise of those around them.


The Intern Life at Rustici Software

The Rustici Software internship is more than just a summer job.

Our weeks aren’t just days filled with boring busywork. From Monday to Friday we are doing work that counts, as well gaining more knowledge everyday.


The Intern Mission

One project. Two teams. Eight interns. Their mission? To complete the project set before them in four sprints of three weeks each.


Circles of Tolerance

Organizations often stifle behavior to reduce interpersonal conflict, thereby creating a sterile, uncreative, lifeless work environment.


Tip Tap Trio

Recently we hired a really amazing trio of individuals, and we have to say, there really is magic in hiring in threes.


“You guys are really smart.”

rustici software

As a small (but growing) software company, we have to be picky when it comes to the people that we hire.


The Spirit of Rustici Software

spirit of rustici software

Over the years, I’ve developed a story that I tell people, and I think it sums up the spirit of Rustici Software—it’s about lunch.