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Tip Tap Trio

Recently we hired a really amazing trio of individuals, and we have to say, there really is magic in hiring in threes.


“You guys are really smart.”

rustici software

As a small (but growing) software company, we have to be picky when it comes to the people that we hire.


The Spirit of Rustici Software

spirit of rustici software

Over the years, I’ve developed a story that I tell people, and I think it sums up the spirit of Rustici Software—it’s about lunch.


Leaders Eat Last

Leaders who ‘eat last’ change organizations.


Measure your success by the delight of your customers

Just having a great product is not enough.


Announcing: Andrew Downes


We have an ethos about Tin Can API (xAPI) community adoption here at Rustici Software: “A rising tide lifts all boats.”


We won two Grammys!

rustici software brandon hall award tin can api

Well, not really, but it’s the closest thing that the e-learning industry has to offer in the area of “prestigious awards for doing awesome things”.


Four Reasons Your Intern Program Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

If you want diamonds, you have to take the time to mine, sort, and polish them.


Nerd Yoga

A weekly yoga class can serve as an awesome opportunity to get up and stretch, move, breathe, laugh, and find community with those we work with.


How to Succeed in a New Job

If you were excited about getting the job, then have the right mindset to keep it!