Tim joined Rustici Software in 2003, adding the exciting LLC part of the Rustici Software LLC name. Mike and Tim had spent several years together at PureSafety collectively deciding what they believed to be good software architecture, great company leadership, and a fun place to work.

    While Tim used to be a software developer, he has fallen gracefully into the role of Rustici Software CEO (Mike is now running Watershed LRS.) If you’re trying to get a plainspoken answer to a SCORM or xAPI question, or just play an inane game, Tim is the right person to talk to.

The Producers


    When SumTotal closed its Seattle office and started shipping jobs to India, we jumped at the chance to get Ben to join us. He’s a legitimate challenge to Mike Rustici’s throne as SCORM wizard and – bonus! – came complete with collar. (We’re not sure he owns a t-shirt, actually.) Ben’s work with Mike on the ADL Technical Working Group had impressed us for years and as SCORM moves through a necessary evolution, Ben adds to our bandwidth on standards development activities. Heck, he wrote the first draft of xAPI.

    Ben is what some folks might call a Yankee and his trips to the Franklin office have involved adventures in grits, fried catfish and turnip greens. He’s also a serious guy who only has one face for the camera, despite David’s best efforts to provoke a different reaction.


    Joe is here for you, the customer, the prospect, anyone who needs help with SCORM, xAPI, or our products. Part customer advocate, part drill sergeant, Joe helps our customers get what they need and helps projects stay on the straight and narrow. Joe’s also seen nearly as much SCORM stuff as the SCORM Engine, since he’s been supporting it since its inception.

    As milo1973 on Xbox Live, Joe is convinced that Halo and NHL 2009 are ripe for SCORM-ifying. He’s also mostly forgone Ping Pong in favor of Magic: The Gathering.


    Brian implemented the SCORM Content Player and the SCORM Engine against an LMS at his former company Evolve Learning. He was so easy to work with and understood things so well that when he came back looking to work with us years later, we couldn’t ignore him. Now Brian provides that same service to our customers. Brian’s built his own LMSs, and he’s seen the inner-workings of countless customer LMSs.

    When it comes to xAPI, Brian is a real pioneer. He even chooses to spend his time off building his own xAPI projects…he’s even xAPI-ified Minecraft!

    Brian is the first Rustici Software employee to have sons, two of them. At least everyone else with kids has offered the token daughter (Mike and Tim bring five girls to the party.) Brian has been forgiven. Well, sort of.

    Brian is working on software development for Content Controller.


    Tammy knew what SCORM was several years before she had even heard of Rustici Software, and she’s not even a standards dork. (For standards dorks, see Rustici, Mike, and Clark, Ben.)

    Tammy also instills fear in Rustici Software employees because she can run, or swim, or bike, forever. We mean it. She’s an Iron(wo)Man many times over! It is this persistence and attention to detail that attracted us to Tammy in the first place. Tammy wears a bunch of hats around here but chances are, if you are a customer of ours, you’ve come into contact with Tammy at some point.


    We knew that Chris was going to fit in here when he told us stories from a prior job in which he visited various Walmarts, teaching the disinterested staff about how to sell satellite radios. When your job will revolve around explaining e-learning standards and educating people about them, patience and teaching become pretty important.

    Chances are that if you need something from us, then Chris is your man. Chris and Andy round out our sales team, even though our sales process isn’t typical.

    Some might say that Chris is the most innovative pong player in the office.


    Freddie brings his lunch in a Hello Kitty bag, and sometimes his lunch is in the shape of children’s cartoons (Elmo, for example.) He only held the Donnelly Cup (last place in Pong) for a few days when he first started working with us.

    Freddie used to drive a car that belonged to Daryl Hannah (the mermaid in Splash). It had a “BIODIESEL” decal on the back window in Old English font. He sold it, and now he’s the only Rustician that drives an all-electric car, a Nissan Leaf. He’s good enough, smart enough, and dog gone it, people like him. We like him, and we like the end-user way that he approaches software development.


    TJ is full of surprises. He collects tea pots. His musical tastes range from Ke$ha to Jimmy Buffet, and he’s the only one of us that likes the Dixie Chicks.

    Before joining our happy team at Rustici Software, TJ worked as a developer for a popular television company. We think SCORM is more fun than televisions, and we think TJ agrees with us.

    The hair on his chin has never been shaven. Not once. In his whole life. That’s dedication. We like dedication.



    Andy is the office jokester — ask him about his puns!

    He’s the “Angelic Wall” of pong — a consistent defender.

    He’s a music fanatic, (you should ask him about his Spotify playlists).

    Andy helps people understand what SCORM and xAPI are. He’s considered a “salesperson”, but we don’t do sales the way most companies do.

    Andy recently started eating breakfast, and he’s thinking about working out.


    There’s this problem. You see, we already have a Brian in the office, so adding a second one just confuses things. So, we’re calling the new Brian “Bobby”. It’s just easier for everyone (except maybe Bobby.) Update: we’ve settled on calling him B Miller.

    B Miller is a big Michigan sports fan, but mainly football.

    He’s studied organic chemistry, philosophy, and business.

    B Miller is working with xAPI and cmi5.


    Nathan is quite possibly the funniest person in the office.

    While not writing code for the Rustici support team, Nathan writes short stories, novels, and music (he plays piano).

    Nathan and TJ go a long way back. They went to college together, grad school together, and worked at a previous job together for five years.

    He really enjoys movies and hiking, and it’s worth noting that he gave up using hairspray “cold turkey” in 2008. (Update: Nathan’s latest haircut has resulted to him getting back on the sauce, but he hopes to be hairspray free again soon.) (Update 2: He only fell off the wagon for a couple of days, and is healthily, hairspray free again.)


    His name is Tim, but we already have a Tim, so what are we going to call Tim Edwards? Tim E? Time? Tedwards? Ted? We’re going to try a few out and see what sticks. We decided on Tedwards.

    Tedwards has taught us that peanut butter is good on hamburgers, and while we’re on the food front, it’s worth noting that he likes to put Sriracha sauce on everything.

    Tedwards already plays disc golf (which means he already fits in around here), and he plays bass guitar (which means we really could have a Rustici band now.)

    He’s in the Dev Ops role, so he’s the one that makes sure that all of our products are always online, working, and that they’re running as efficiently and quickly as they can.


    Matthew made his way from NASA to Rustici Software, where he immediately upset Jena (she was no longer the youngest Rustici employee.)

    Like many of us, he’s a runner, and unlike any of us, he’s a rapper that eats an “everything” bagel with cream cheese every…single…day.

    We’re secretly hoping that Matthew’s interest in philosophy will take our company arguments about flatbread over the top.

    Matthew works on Team Engine, helping with SCORM Engine integrations, customer support, and some new software development.


    Yep. It happened. We hired another Donnelly! And yes, they’re related. Ryan is Joe’s younger brother. Rustici Software just got much more awesome.

    Before joining us, Ryan worked in the music industry for 12 years, where we’re confident he was stalking us — he was always the first person to like our company Facebook posts.

    He’s not much for chocolate (or breakfast,) but like Tedwards, he loves Sriracha.

    Ryan is joining our customer support team alongside Joe.

    We’re hoping that he’s The Chosen One that will finally be able to beat Tim at pong.


    Jim might just be the most normal one of all of us—he’s a great guy, and you always know what you’re getting with him.

    Jim’s facial hair seems to have a cycle. He can grow a beard in what seems like 10 minutes, he’ll let it get bigger and bigger over the course of a month or so, and then he’ll just show up to work one day with a freshly shaven face.

    Jim likes reading sci-fi and biographies, he likes playing board games, and he plays guitar badly (he said so himself.)

    Jim is doing software development for Content Controller.


    Josh has practiced Kendo for many years, which means he probably has a lot of patience and hand-eye coordination.

    He has two retired racing greyhounds, loves MMOs like Destiny and World of Warcraft, his favorite place in Nashville is The Flying Saucer.

    Josh is working on Content Controller.


    When it comes to accounting and money, Laura runs the show at Rustici Software.

    Like a lot of Rusticians, Laura has daughters…five of them!

    Laura is probably one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet. She loves kids, does foster care, and has a passion for helping troubled teens.

    Her favorite books are motivational books, and she also does a lot of public speaking, usually motivational speeches.

    She likes biking, white water rafting, hiking, camping, and mountain climbing, but her favorite form of exercise ever is crossfit—she’s definitely one of us!


    John is one of the few Rusticians that’s a Nashville native…it’s rare to find Nashville natives in the tech industry.

    His interests are very varied, and he likes reading books about any subject (currently quantum mechanics and general relativity.)

    He enjoys backpacking (he used to “disappear” for weeks at a time, until he had a daughter.) And speaking of his daughter, one of John’s favorite things to do is to build ridiculous and funky lego sets with her.

    John rounds out our Dev Ops teams, working closely with Tedwards.


    We’re pretty sure that Kyle is the only Rustician that regularly keeps up with Sri Lankan politics, and he has a good reason.

    Before joining us, Kyle spent a decade in Sri Lanka. He was teaching English and computer classes in a nonprofit school that he and his friends started. Yep. They started a school.

    He considers himself a homebody, even with a passport full of stamps. When not playing My Little Pony with his daughter, or getting beaten at video games by his son, he loves to read and catch up on his Netflix queue.

    Kyle is helping us do Engine integrations, and we couldn’t be happier to have him.


    Reid is the youngest Rustician ever, we’re pretty sure.

    He’s an audio guy (not to be confused with an audiophile) that likes rock/alternative music (and a little bit of metal), and he likes cars (maybe more than Chris).

    Like most of us, he enjoys video games and he’s really good at math.

    If it’s not clear, he fits right in with us!

    Reid is working on SCORM Cloud, mostly database things.


    Holland, MI, isn’t much unlike the region of the Netherlands that goes by the same name. There are lots of Dutch people from Holland, MI, Hannah included. (She also has a chocolate labrador named Dutch.)

    Fun fact about Hannah? She doesn’t care if her socks match.

    Hannah is our office manager, making sure that travel gets booked, that we have food and supplies, and that all of us Rusticians are generally happy. She also takes care of our Jenafits program, which you really should check out.

    She moved to Nashville on the weekend of the big 2010 Nashville flood, which wasn’t the best timing. We’re glad she stuck around, though.


    Catherine moved to Tennessee the day after she graduated college. She worked with Laura previously (at two different companies), and she’s an accountant for Rustici Software.

    She spends most of her time with her 4 year old son, helping to coach his baseball team (he also likes bowling and soccer.)

    Catherine loves football (college – Alabama, pro – Dallas.) She also loves broadway shows, which means she fits right in at Rustici Software.


    Sam is from Guildford, England. He moved to Nashville from London (where he worked in the Gherkin building.) Needless to say, his move to work with us in little ole’ Franklin, Tennessee was quite a drastic one!

    He likes relaxing on the weekends, occasionally going hiking or trying to get in a game of Snooker. He has a German Shepherd named Sampson (Samps), which Sam refers to as a “frenemy”.

    Sam is working on SCORM Engine, and bringing us lots of “Brexit” jokes, which are greatly appreciated.


    Ryan was born in a small town in Indiana (population 3,000). Chasing a girl (his now wife) brought him to Nashville.

    Ryan is most passionate about his family, but he also really likes sports (Everton soccer, Cardinals baseball, and Hoosiers for anything college.)

    He very loosely identifies as a foodie and a beer snob, which just means he prefers IPAs to Bud Lights.

    Ryan claims that there’s nothing really weird or terribly interesting about himself, which has made him realize he needs to pick up a hobby or two. (He’s open to suggestions!)

    His claim to fame? He’s the great-great-great nephew of Grandpa Jones.

    Ryan will be working closely with our customers as an account manager, and we’re sure that our customers will like him just as much as we do.


    Around the same time that Suzanna started working with us, a mysterious package showed up at our door. It was a Himalayan salt lamp, and we couldn’t figure out who ordered it. It was Suzanna.

    Suzanna likes reading young adult science fiction, and going to movies by herself. She dislikes standup comedy.

    She has two cats, and manages a Facebook page about cats. She’ll probably let you join if you want to. She also sponsors a bat in a Texas animal rehab center. His name is Mr. Kitty. She’s clearly an animal cat person.

    Suzanna is working with our services team and our account management team. That means that if you’re a customer of ours, you might get the privilege of talking to her.


    Cody is originally from East Tennessee, but MTSU brought him to the Nashville area and he’s decided he likes it enough here to stay!

    Cody really enjoys music. He insists that he doesn’t have a favorite genre or artist and that he listens to everything proudly, with the exception of one artist in which he seems to be a closet fan. We promised not to out him. And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate….

    Other things about Cody? He’s a self-proclaimed Pixar fanatic, loves to hike in the Smokies, has a Golden Retriever named Sam and says one of the things he loves most about working at Rustici is that even though the work is hard, the fun we have while doing it makes it worthwhile. Aww, shucks.

    Cody is working on our newest product, Content Controller.