• Andy Whitaker


    Andy is the office jokester — ask him about his puns!

    He’s the “Angelic Wall” of pong — a consistent defender.

    He’s a music fanatic, (you should ask him about his Spotify playlists).

    Andy helps people understand what SCORM and xAPI are. He’s considered a “salesperson”, but we don’t do sales the way most companies do.

    Andy recently started eating breakfast, and he’s thinking about working out.

    A few years ago, my good friend Jeff Horne was hired on as the Marketer in Chief here at Rustici Software. At the time, I was really happy for him. I didn't know anything about Rustici, personally, but I was glad that my friend was gainfully employed. This all changed on his second day. He started posting work pictures on his Facebook wall. First, a pic from a disc golf outing. Then a few days later it was a bowling and beer outing. Fast forward two weeks, he shares a picture of a pizza and beer lunch... 7 days later he posts another shot from the disc golf course. "What is this place?" I found myself yelling at my monitor... and how do I get a job there?!?

    One year later, a position opened up at Rustici that I thought I'd be a good fit for, and I went for it. I didn't know anything about SCORM or this new Tin Can thing, but I studied my ass off, and I got the job! From Jeff's Facebook pics, and subsequent conversations with him, I knew Rustici had to be a great place to work. But the pics only tell half of the story. That half is that we have a ton of fun here. We all love coming to work everyday. The other half is that everyone here is super smart, and all work incredibly hard (though we’re not overworked.) Prior to joining Rustici, I thought this would be an exceptional place to work — now there's no doubt about it!