Valvoline is a leading worldwide supplier of premium branded lubricants and automotive services with an extensive network of dealerships, retailers, service centers, and franchises worldwide. To ensure the best customer experience and to better support their various retail and service partners, Valvoline offers valuable training resources to a wide variety of channels, whether that be at instant oil change service centers, car dealerships, DIY stores or major retailers. They provide customized training to support various learner groups; from customer facing counter staff on how to sell their products to technicians on how to use their products.

Valvoline selected Content Controller by Rustici Software to help distribute and manage their training across the variety of LMSs within their product and service channels.

The challenge

While Valvoline offers their partners access to its award winning online training system, many of their larger dealerships and retailers prefer to use their own LMS. Historically, Valvoline would send course files to each of these partners for them to upload and deliver the training in their own systems. Valvoline was interested in improving their processes for content updates, reporting and retiring access when necessary.

When products are updated, packaging changes, or new campaigns are introduced the training content needs to be updated also. Valvoline wanted to find ways to improve the content management process for their partners and streamline the administrative process for managing course updates.

Valvoline sought to increase their visibility into usage across third-party systems to understand how partners were engaging with the product training offered. This insight will help them identify what resources were being used most, measure the effectiveness of the training and know where to invest for future content development.

Making sure that access to product training aligned with active partnerships was also important to Valvoline. They needed a way to remove access to courses if and when partner contracts expire.

The solution

Valvoline came to Rustici Software for help ensuring their product training content is properly presented and used. Content Controller helps them manage their product training content in one central location and distribute it across their extended enterprise network, allowing their partners to use their preferred system of record. Now with an established method to distribute courses to their network of LMSs, Valvoline can easily update courses, track usage and manage access.

And with Rustici Software’s managed hosting services, Valvoline was able to get up and running quickly and always has the latest version of Content Controller in a secure, stable environment.

Working with the team at Rustici Software and using Content Controller has simplified how we manage training across all of our partners. Now we can easily share our training content to all of the LMSs in our distribution network and track how that training improves sales performance and customer experience.

Jason Gilmore, Learning Technologies Manager

The benefits

Easily manage content updates

It’s essential to make sure technicians and folks behind the counter have the most up-to-date product information. With Content Controller, Valvoline can deliver updates in real-time rather than chasing down each partner to ensure they upload a new version to their LMS or learning platform.

More visibility into usage

Through aggregated reports, Valvoline now understands what’s happening once the content is delivered and whether the objectives, such as improved sales or technician procedures, are being met. They use this data to track the effectiveness of their partner training programs and can better correlate their training efforts to increased sales at each location.

Manage access

With Content Controller, Valvoline has the ability to control which partners can access their training, allowing them to expire courses as needed.

The results

Since implementing Content Controller, Valvoline has:

  • Delivered 330+ courses launching 33k+ unique registrations
  • Served 2,200+ learners across 12 client account learning management systems
  • Provided content updates on average 2.4 versions of each course created

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