In the standards world, SCORM is the reigning champion, but it has defined limitations. xAPI can track anything, but doesn’t include instructions for launching with an LMS and isn’t as widely adopted. cmi5 addresses some of the cons of SCORM and xAPI, but it isn’t yet widely supported.

With so many options, how do you choose the one that’s the best match for your content?

In this lively webinar, your host Tammy Rutherford will ask contestants SCORM (Joe Donnelly), xAPI (Chris Tompkins) and cmi5 (Brian Miller) questions to prove they’re the best standard for different course requirements. Attendees can chat questions and will get to know each contestant, learn their strengths and weaknesses and ultimately decide the winner of “Whose Standard Is It Anyway?”

Contestants will answer the toughest questions, like:

  • How do you handle reporting and data tracking?
  • How do you handle launch?
  • How popular are you with the systems?

On April 13, join Tammy, Joe, Chris and Brian as they compete to be the winner of the best standard for your content. Whether you’re starting out learning about standards or publishing in different standards, our contestants are here to help answer all of your eLearning standards questions.

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