In the past, there has been a clear distinction between corporate and higher education with very little crossover. The difference in goals, learning styles and objectives paved the way for differing learning technologies platforms to evolve. Now, those stark lines are blurring as both sides are discovering they have content that’s relevant to the other.

Join Tammy Rutherford as she walks through the pros and cons of corporate and higher ed collaborating. And the challenges of these different technology platforms working together for a brighter future.

You’ll hear more about how:

  • Corporations can benefit from training their future workforce by offering product training and certification programs to local colleges.
  • Higher ed institutions can help companies with reskilling or upskilling current employees as job roles shift and change.
  • What technologies can help overcome the divide between different types of platforms.

Having partnerships and resources available to quickly and easily provide the skills and training to these employees is critical. No one has time to build out a full blown curriculum. And why should they if it already exists?

If you’re in higher education or work in an industry where readying the future workforce would be a big benefit, you won’t want to miss this webinar!

Register now to join Tammy on May 7 at 10 AM CDT.