Back to the Drawing Board on SCORM Basics

Whether you’re new to SCORM or need a refresher on the basics, we’re going back to the drawing board both figuratively and literally. We’ll explain key concepts and even incorporate a fun, interactive drawing game to help you understand what SCORM is and best practices for using this standard.

Listen to Chris Tompkins, Director of Sales, and Joe Donnelly, Customer Support Manager at Rustici Software, illustrate key SCORM communication concepts. You’ll leave with a complete picture of how SCORM works and our insights gained over the years having worked closely with the standard across all of its different versions.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What SCORM is, how it works and why it matters
  • Tips for creating and publishing content
  • Options for testing and troubleshooting SCORM courses
  • Questions to ask your LMS vendor

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