Tales from the trails

Do you feel like an expert in creating beautifully designed course content, but are you completely lost when it comes to developing and sharing your content with learners? Watch our webinar to learn how to navigate through learning standards and methods of delivery to reach your own learner data objectives. 

In the webinar, Joe Donnelly will help you chart your course, teaching you how to create and package content successfully to learners. Then, Andy Whitaker will help you complete your journey through content delivery. We’ll also review some delivery methods that work well with our own software: Rustici Driver, SCORM Cloud, and Content Controller. 

In this free recorded webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Select the right learning standard to use for your courses.
  • Provide directions and methods for helping you efficiently distribute the content you’ve created.
  • Choose a proven path for distributing and selling that content.

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