Smelling what The Rock’s cooking: Converting SCORM content to cmi5

You have loads of existing SCORM content, but now you’re ready to start using xAPI for getting a ton of data about your learners. But, you still need your content to be played securely in an LMS with their authorized learners. So how do you move from SCORM to xAPI while maintaining interoperability? If this sounds familiar, cmi5 could be your answer.

In this session, George Vilches talks briefly about what cmi5 is and when to use the specification before diving into converting legacy SCORM content to cmi5 using various approaches, including utilizing the cmi5 CATAPULT course templates and authoring tools or building custom courseware. He also discusses SCORM to cmi5 terminology, what happens through the lifecycle of a learner’s course launch and using cmi5 with other xAPI Profiles, like the Video Profile.

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