Ask me anything: Using eLearning standards when creating content

We’ve always embraced the “Ask Us Anything” motto at Rustici, but now we’re bringing it to you in a whole new way: a live webinar. After all, one of the best ways to learn something new, or new tricks, is by hearing what questions your fellow content creators are asking – and learning the answers.

Listen to Andy Whitaker and Brian Miller as they answer your pressing SCORM, xAPI and cmi5 standards questions that arise while creating content. Whether you’re just starting to learn about standards, using xAPI tracking capabilities or considering if cmi5 is right for your organization, Andy and Brian are here to help.

In this open discussion webinar, we answer your pressing questions, like:

  • What is SCORM? Is the version important?
  • Why do eLearning standards matter?
  • How do I dispatch my content when my customers’ LMSs support different standards?
  • How do I host my content on a separate domain from my LMS?
  • How do I forward statements from my LRS to another LRS?

You’ll walk away with answers to common eLearning standards questions and hear what questions your peers are asking.

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