The Science Behind American Chemical Society’s Content Sharing Technology

During this interview-style webinar, you’ll hear from ACS about their technology support through Rustici Software’s Content Controller as the LTI tool that enables content sharing. Using the LTI standard, ACS’s courses easily integrate into any LMS and automatically receive updates between versions.

ACS Publications Division now provides a suite of lab safety courses, an offer within the ACS Institute, to undergraduate colleges and universities. Professors at these higher education institutions are supplied with content to incorporate into their existing curriculum which in turn provides a safer practice of chemistry for students.

The webinar in partnership with 1EdTech will be moderated by Tammy Rutherford, Managing Director at Rustici Software, and features speakers from American Chemical Society, the most trusted, most cited, and most read chemical sciences publisher.

  • Veronica Hart, Sr. Product Manager of Revenue Operations at ACS Publications
    Veronica has been part of ACS Publications for 12 years while being in Revenue Operations for the last 3 years. Her current role spans duties such as sales system roadmaps, vendor management, and content delivery. Another large part of her role is overseeing the release and implementation of ACS Institute’s Lab Safety program to academic institutions.
  • Pamela Peacock, Product Manager of ACS Institute at ACS Publications
    Pamela has been part of ACS Publications for a little less than 1 year but has over 15 years of experience in educational technology tools, such as Learning Management Systems, Virtual Classrooms, and Online Collaboration tools. Her focus has been in the areas of instructional design, multimedia development and assessment. She is committed to helping teachers and students thrive in STEM fields.

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